Optimize your Brain

Sky AITM is an app that uses advanced technology powered by multiple Artificial Intelligence services to assist you everyday.


Get surprised by amazing features.

Explore the Univers of knowledge

With SKY-AI, your brain has no limit. All the expertise in all fields is in your pocket.

Thousands of ideas

Sky can give you thousands of ideas to improve your work, whatever your field of expertise

Improve Your Growth

Sky generates the best content by adapting it to both your targets and the social network used: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram,e-commerce...And this in the language(s) of your choice.

Become an Inspiration

Looking for a business idea, or needing help to develop an idea, SKY-AI can provide you with all the necessary help to boost your Startup

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An app that assists you 24 hours a day.

Start Explore

The intuitive interface on iPhone, iPad and Mac is designed to facilitate interactions with the AI, as if you were talking to a work colleague.

Image Creator

SKY can write you the best prompts to generate amazing images for MidJourney V5 or StableDiffusion.

Target with precision

By analyzing all your competitors at the same time, by generating targeted product pages for your customers, by optimizing your SEO

Multiple AIs in 1 app

The application contains a multitude of AI optimized for each core business: Communication, Marketing, SEO, Legal .... to facilitate the creation of the most relevant content possible

Save & Share

All your discussions, all your ideas, all the content created by SKY-AI are saved locally in your device. With a simple click you can share a response or an entire discussion.

Personal AIs

Sky also takes care of your personal well-being, with AIs such as Sports Coach, Chef, Therapist, Travel planner, Teacher for your kids and much more

Jumpstart your growth in just few clicks.


EASY TOInteract.

Download the app, and start to talk with SKY, it's Free



Just explain what you want and let the AIs work for you.


FUN TOExplore.

There are no limits to what you can Imagine/Create/Do

Hear from what others had to say.


“We have integrated Sky into all our Influencer campaign management activities. The result is a huge productivity gain in the creation of content for Instagram and TikTok.”

— Laurent Verrier,


“Sky has allowed us to add a dynamic, multi-language FAQ system to Mantium, our Crypto Wallet. The result is just perfect, the user can ask any question they want, and Sky will answer it.”

— Maxime Filippi,


“Sky nous a permit d'automatiser, toute la gestion des emails de notre service de visite médicale. L'IA est capable de lire et de comprendre le contenu de chaque email, afin de déterminer les actions à réaliser.”

— Alban Grolleau,


“Sky's AI has greatly simplified the creation of endless questions in our Quiz. Able to adapt to the age of each participant, SKY puts children and parents on an equal level.”

— David Shiba, QUIZZ GAME (Coming soon)

Some frequently asked questions.

SKY-AI is an artificial intelligence application that provides personalized recommendations and insights to help users achieve their goals.

SKY-AI uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user data and provide customized recommendations and insights. It can learn from user feedback and improve its recommendations over time.

Yes, SKY-AI takes user privacy and security very seriously. All user data is encrypted and stored securely on your device only, and the app adheres to industry standards for data privacy and security.

Yes, with the pro subscription, you can create your own prompts to specialize the AI for your use.

You can download SKY-AI from the app store on iPhone, iPad and Mac. No sign up need, just launch and start to talk with AI.


Easy pricing plans for your needs.



For discover the AI power
  • Max 10 requests by day
  • short answers
  • Customer support
  • Custom Prompts
  • Premium AI



For the small adventurers
  • To 100 requests by day
  • medium answers
  • Customer support
  • Custom prompts
  • Premium AI



For the great explorers
  • Unlimited request by day
  • long answers
  • Customer support
  • Customs prompts
  • Premium AI

Have a look at what’s inside the app.